3rd Grade Lessons

Theme 1: Life Is A Gift from Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters and supplementary texts

Theme 2: We Existed For God First Because He Treasures Each Of Us from scripture and supplementary texts

Theme 1: Life Is A Gift from Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters


SUMMARY: Read about the two girls in Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters; one has a positive worldview, the other has a negative worldview. Discuss the story, and then copy, cut, and match the cause & effect strips from the curriculum guide. 

REFLECTION: Cause & effect is all around us. (If I don't eat, I feel hungry). But how does having a positive or negative worldview affect this further? (If I am grateful, I feel happy. If I see the glass half-empty, I am grumpy). Worldview can give two different people two different effect outcomes from the EXACT SAME cause. JPII explored this concept in TOB as 'original nakedness'. Before the Fall, we were not afraid, and after, we were. Our worldview shifted. We are called to return to the innocence and trust of original nakedness...  and 'be not afraid'; to view the world again as good, and as a gift, much like the people in it. Gifts are to be treasured, not feared. 

TRY IT AT HOME: Come up with cause & effect examples with your kids. Make it fun - maybe turn it into a speed game, where the parent says a cause, the child says a (negative world view) effect and then the parent replies with a (positive world view) effect. Challenge: state if the example is one of original nakedness (no fear and shame).