Preschool, Lesson on An Egg Is Quiet


SUMMARY: Using a color copy of the egg illustrations on the inside cover of An Egg Is Quiet, I set my 3 year old up with scissors, a glue stick, and a strip of paper. He put the eggs in order from largest to smallest, and glued them on the paper. This also covers math standards of sorting, and fine motor skill standards of cutting.

REFLECTION: Just getting acquainted with all the different egg shapes and sizes is important when teaching preschoolers about some of their favorite birds and animals. Preschoolers can now see that the bird actually begins life in his corresponding egg. The design of each egg is slightly unique, but its purpose is the same - to protect life until birth. 

TRY IT AT HOME: Make a color copy of the inside covers of An Egg Is Quiet. Have your preschooler cut and glue the eggs on a sheet of paper in size order. Time range to complete activity: 20-45 minutes. Works for preschool - lower elementary.

Preschool, Lesson on The Carrot Seed: 


SUMMARY: In this story, a boy wants to nurture a carrot seed and everyone tells him that it won't work, that it doesn't matter, that it has no worth. The boy nurtures the seed anyway by watering and loving it, and it eventually turns into a robust carrot. In this activity my preschooler represented this process by showing the seed, many hearts, and then a carrot. 

REFLECTION: How familiar is this message to us? It's not a life, 'it's just a cluster of cells, it has no worth because it's so small, and not yet fully developed'... what if our youth saw the value in life at conception by seeing the value of nurturing a tiny, single seed?  

TRY IT AT HOME: Draw a seed, a few hearts, and a carrot on construction paper. Let your preschooler cut them out and glue them in story order on a strip of paper. This also reinforces the math skill of ordering, fine motor skills of cutting, and science skills of learning the seed life cycle. Time range to complete activity: 15-30 minutes. Works for preschool - lower elementary.


Preschool, Lesson on The Very Hungry Caterpillar


SUMMARY: Following along the themes of The Very Hungry Caterpillar, you can make these cute handprint caterpillar and butterfly pictures. It also teaches literacy if you tie this into letter work ("B" is for butterfly, "C" is for caterpillar, and fine motor skills with cutting. 

REFLECTION: The metamorhapsis of caterpillar into butterfly is perhaps nature's most perfect example of why life at every stage matters. In the butterfly we see the beautiful 'end product', just like a new baby. But In the caterpillar we get to see the precious first stage of life at its best. The caterpillar has become a beloved garden creature for children; it's fuzzy and fascinating. Our fascination with beginning stages of life in the butterfly, can now be applied to life in the womb for our children. 

TRY IT AT HOME: Grab some construction paper, paint, and craft 'accessories' (like pipe cleaner, googly eyes, glitter, tissue paper) and your preschooler's precious little hands and make these darling caterpillar and butterfly handprint pictures. Time range to complete activity: 30-60 minutes. Works for preschool - lower elementary.


Preschool Lessons

Preschool curriculum is currently being developed. In the mean time, you can use the Kindergarten curriculum and adjust lessons for younger kids, as shown here.