9th Grade Lessons

Theme 1: God Revealed His Love From The Beginning

Theme 2: Identity Of Men And Women and Their Relationships 

Grade 9, Lesson 1: 


SUMMARY: (Lesson from Lynda, OLL) Lynda and Morgan discuss how the worldview of St. John Paul II was shaped by the dramatic events of his life as well as the intimate relationship he shared with his father.

REFLECTION: St. John Paul II boldly countered the “isms" of his day (Nazism, Communism, narcissism, utilitarianism) with the gospel messages of love and life. It was especially through his suffering as a youth, silence in prayer, daily Mass, rigorous study, and love of the outdoors, that he was able to courageously defend the dignity of the human person, as revealed by Christ.

TRY IT AT HOME: Ask your teen to identity the “isms” that he/she faces today and how they can respond, in a practical way, to those “isms" with the gospel messages of love and life.

Grade 9, Lesson 2: 


SUMMARY: (Lesson from Lynda, OLL) Lynda and Morgan explore the readings from this Rooted lesson together, as they read and reflect on the existence of God.


REFLECTION: Any journey of self-discovery is most fruitful when rooted in the bigger picture. Asking, "Who am I?" in relation to the whole of humanity is a start. This begs the bigger question ... what, or Who is responsible for humanity? We really cannot ask the question, "Who am I?" without first asking the question, "Who is God?" 

TRY IT AT HOME: Ask your teen, "Who is God?", and "Who are you, in light of your answer to the previous question?"

Grade 9, Lesson 3:


SUMMARY: (Lesson from Lynda, OLL) Lynda and Morgan seek to understand St. John Paul II’s meaning of the body-soul composite. We are body-soul creations and it is the body that expresses the soul. 


REFLECTION: “The body, in fact, and only the body, is capable of making visible what is invisible: the spiritual and the divine. It has been created to transfer into the visible reality of the world the mystery hidden from eternity in God, and thus to be a sign of it” (TOB 19). The body reveals the person!


TRY IT AT HOME: Ask your teen to see, hear, smell, taste and feel certain objects while using only limited senses. For example ask them to describe a painting without the use of their eyes. They may know that it is a painting but without the use of the eyes, they will miss the meaning of the painting. Through our bodies, we can sense the identity of an item fairly easily. However, we need to use all the senses at our disposal, including our minds, to understand what something means; so too with our bodies. We can fairly easily sense that each person has a body and that we are made for one another - man for woman and woman for man for the purpose of the unity of persons and for the marital embrace, the sexual act. But in order to understand what our bodies mean and for what they are intended, requires the use of all our senses. It is only by employing our whole selves in the task of sensing what the body is and what it means, that we are able to fully live the life we are meant to live.