5th Grade Lessons

Theme 1: Being A True Gift Demands Courage And Bravery from D'Aulaires' Book of Greek Myths and supplementary texts

Theme 2: We Can Connect To Other People Without Barriers from scripture and supplementary texts

Theme 1: Being a True Gift Demands Courage and Bravery

5th Grade, Lesson on Greek Myths


SUMMARY: (Lesson from Angela, St. Joseph, Salem) We read the Greek myth about Echo and Narcissus, pausing to answer questions as they arose. Echo talks so much without ever taking time to listen that she misses out on love and loses her ability to speak. She can only repeat the words of others. Narcissus only loves himself and cannot see or love anyone else. Thus he becomes mesmerized staring at his own reflection and simply wastes away and dies.

REFLECTION: Our life is a gift from God and it is good that we are beautifully and wonderfully made. But we are meant to love God by also giving the gift of ourselves to God and others. If we only listen to and look at ourselves, we miss out on the love and joy that comes from appreciating the beauty of nature and giving of ourselves in relationships with others. 

TRY IT AT HOME: We put a big mirror (a small one works great too- just have the child hold it close to their face) in front of our windows. My daughter couldn't see anything except herself. But when she looked beyond her reflection in the mirror, the beauty outside and the face of her sister awoke a sense of inner joy; she could clearly see life as a gift!