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25% off + save-THIS-date!

Abby Johnson is coming to town for the first annual LIFE GALA hosted by the Archdiocese of Portland. If you are local, save the date for February 17th. TOBPS will be honored for our work towards a culture of LIFE at this formal event! Stay tuned for more details. It's sure to sell-out.

Can you shop a little and give a little this weekend? Apparently it's 'small business Saturday' (that's us!) and Giving Tuesday in a few days (us too!) and almost Christmas (all of us!) ... a gift of TOB Monthly and/or a tax-deductible gift here to TOBPS would be much appreciated by all.

Use code CHRISTMAS25 for 25% off your entire order this month.

The Theology of the Body community lost one of its treasured members to cancer last week. Jen Messing, who was an early student of the TOB Institute and founder of Into the Deep Ministry (modeled after JPII's practice of taking people out into nature), passed away in the care of her family. She was only 50. Please remember Jen and her family in your prayers.

Just for fun:

A book I'm loving right now: What it Means to Be Human: The Case for the Body in Public Bioethics by O. Carter Snead.

A podcast I'm loving right now: Catechism in a Year. Even if you haven't listened to the full year, the current section on the Commandments, and especially Fr. Mike's comments on them, is golden.

A quote I'm loving right now: "Soon as you say 'my child would never' here they come nevering like they never nevered before.'"

Hoping you had a grateful Thanksgiving and praying for a blessed Advent for you and yours.

For Love of God, Body + Soul,

Lindsay + TOB Parent School

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