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April showers ... bring 25% off

Every spring I come alive - what wondrous things will I plan for the summer? This summer my goal is to go through all TOB Monthly Littles and Kids with my boys, as their mom (not as a creator utilizing a perfect little test audience).

TOB Monthly Middles, Teens, and Campus are all available now, in addition to Littles and Kids which have been on the website for awhile. $28 for a set of 8 issues. Click here to purchase now and apply coupon code APRILSHOWERS25 for 25% off your entire order.

Enjoy the pictures in Littles, the activities in Kids, the jokes in Middles, the Catholic stars in Teens, and the swag in Campus.

If you are local, please SAVE THE DATE: Our third annual TOBPS Soiree will be held at Lady Hill Winery in St. Paul, Oregon on Sunday, September 24th at 6pm. All are welcome.

You can now order FREE promo packets! Just email us and let us know to whom you would like a promo packet sent. Promo packets include: 1 magazine issue of each of the 5 different age groups, flyers, discount codes, water bottle stickers, and business cards. If you know leaders in Catholic education or faith formation, these promo packets are perfect to send their way, and cost you nothing. (Note: they can't be ordered on the website ... email us instead).

If you want to help us with content creation for future issues, email to learn more. Volunteers for this role should be creative, knowledgeable in TOB, skilled in Canva, and willing to commit 10 hours.

We are applying for an Imprimatur. Please pray for the process. If you are new to the term, it is the Archbishop's statement that the document is free of any Theological errors and has been given his full blessing. It means 'let it be printed.'

My dear colleague Ann (editor of Embodied magazine) will be representing Embodied and TOB Monthly at the NCEA conference in Dallas, TX this month (National Catholic Educational Association). I write a column for Embodied, called the TOB Parent Corner. Check out my next column on boundaries.

Please let us know if you have any leads on donors to fund our initial print run of all TOB Monthlies in Spanish! Or donate here.

Praying for a blessed Holy Week and Happy Easter,

Lindsay + your TOBPS Leadership Team

p.s. Local? Check out the new Chesterton Academy high school in Portland, Oregon, now enrolling for fall 2023.