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Beyond Grateful

Happy Thanksgiving. This year I find myself beyond grateful for you - the supporters I have mostly never met. Because you have energetically spread the word about TOB Monthly, we have made sales in THIRTY-SEVEN states in ONE YEAR with essentially ZERO marketing efforts. I am truly blown away by this. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Would you consider buying us 1-2 books from our wishlist for Christmas? This will help complete our library and allow us to fine-tune our recommended reading lists for parents. If everyone on our distribution list bought us one book this Christmas our library would be complete! Thank you in advance.

If you have any interest in being a TOBPS Ambassador (repping us at conferences local to you), or a TOBPS Community Host[ess] (gathering like-minded parents for community) please contact us! It's volunteer-based and informal; it's a fun way to get involved and meet others with a common passion. We pay your registration fees and material costs ... you just show up and spread joy and truth :)

TOB Monthly TEENS will be available likely next month, and TOB Monthly MIDDLES will be available likely in February.

If you know anyone in the following states that would love TOB Monthly Kids or TOB Monthly Littles would you send them our website and ask them to consider purchasing a set? It's a tiny dream of mine to have made sales in all 50 states by Christmas.








Rhode Island

South Carolina


West Virginia



May the blessing of a thankful heart fill you with joy this Thanksgiving.

Saint JPII, pray for us!

Your TOBPS Leadership Team

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