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December 2020 Newsletter

Welcome to the Humanity 101 Monthly Newsletter, where we provide quick updates to our supporters. In this month’s newsletter: our Christmas letter, new Leadership Team members, the formation of subcommittees, our Amazon wishlist, our article in the LO Parish Neighbor magazine, and our lesson of the month: a 3rd grader learns how important worldview is to our perception of body/soul.

1. Our Christmas Letter ...

2. Lindsay, Lynda and Amy are pleased to welcome two new members to our Leadership Team. Mary Beth is a mama of 3 and writes for the WSJ - she will also serve on our Finance subcommittee as an accountant. Merry is a mama of 8 (2 in Heaven, 6 on Earth) - she will also serve on our Curriculum subcommittee.

3. We are forming several subcommittees in the new year! Please consider joining one: Finance, Marketing, Fundraising, Curriculum, Spanish.

4. Would you consider gifting us an item from our Amazon Wishlist for our library? Here’s the LINK ... A great big MERRY THANK YOU for remembering us at Christmastime!

5. TOB Parent School was the community feature in last month's issue of the Lake Oswego Parish Neighbor magazine!

6. Our lesson of the month: THIRD GRADE: OUR WORLDVIEW AFFECTS CAUSE & EFFECT, from Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters. Here is an excerpt: “Cause & effect is all around us. (If I don't eat, I feel hungry). But how does having a positive or negative worldview affect this further? (If I am grateful, I feel happy. If I see the glass half-empty, I am grumpy). Worldview can give two different people two different effect outcomes from the EXACT SAME cause. JPII explored this concept in TOB as 'original nakedness'. Before the Fall, we were not afraid, and after, we were. Our worldview shifted. We are called to return to the innocence and trust of original nakedness... and 'be not afraid'; to view the world again as good, and as a gift, much like the people in it. Gifts are to be treasured, not feared. You can find this and many other lessons on the website.

The greatest gift you could give us this Christmas is your prayers and your word-of-mouth affirmation of our important work with others in your circle. We wish you a BLESSED ADVENT & CHRISTMAS.

For Love of God, Body, and Soul,

Your Leadership Team

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