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December Newsletter

Happy Advent + Merry Christmas. As promised, regular updates are back.

Last month we launched TOB Monthly Kids (age 6-9) sales - online, and at our first parish/school. These are available and ready to purchase HERE! USE COUPON CODE TOBPS2021 for BUY 2, GET 1 FREE! (Please note, purchases made now will likely not arrive before Christmas.)

TOB Monthly Littles (age 2-5) are almost done! These, as well as Spanish translations of all publications, will be for sale soon.

We are now tax exempt - if you wish to make a year-end donation you can do so HERE. (GREAT, BIG, HUGE thank you in advance!) As you can see, we have been B-U-S-Y, and we are just a bunch of mamas trying to scrape by on spare moments, not enough zzzs, and a little too much coffee. If you have extra to give, we will use it wisely - promise, promise.

Alternatively you could buy us a book from our Amazon wishlist HERE. We would be thrilled to continue filling our library shelves! We use these to lend, but also to vet resources for materials we can suggest to consumers.

If you are local and in the Portland area, do you have a quality printer to donate? (We need one:-)

Also we are looking for people who want to volunteer a little time in basic marketing, social media, Spanish editing, or business (specifically, we would love to put together a solid business plan). CONTACT US if you can help!

Let's end with some fun news ....

- we have had exciting meetings with the Theology of the Body Institute and Pearl + Thistle about potential partnerships.

- we received a grant from the TOB Foundation.

- TOB Monthly Kids is already in 20 states since its launch last month!

- we have two successful TOB Communities in Portland, OR and Grand Rapids, MI and our third is starting in Boise, ID. Contact us if you want to learn more about TOBC (basically TOB book club+++). You can start one in your town - it's easy.

- TOBPS will have a column in Embodied, the new TOB magazine for adults.

- we found a local print shop we love (this may seem like a small thing, but I give thanks for them daily .... a local business in Portland, OR that joyfully prints our content is actually a miracle).

2022 will bring the development of our TOBM Teens (14-18) and TOBM Middles (10-13) content and some special issues on:

- Sacraments (think .... First Eucharist through the eyes of TOB)

- Liturgical events (think ... the Passion and birth of Christ through the eyes of TOB)

- Reproductive anatomy (think ... your period from the eyes of TOB)

Enjoy our Christmas card below. As a Christmas gift to us this year, would you consider getting 1-2 interested friends to sign up for our updates on our website!? We appreciate you! Thank you for being our initial supporters!

JP2, pray for us,

Your TOB Parent School Leadership Team

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