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Gift 4 U + Annual Report

Attached is our first Annual Report, and within the report you will find a gift just for you!

Abby Johnson is coming to town for the first annual LIFE GALA hosted by the Archdiocese of Portland. If you are local, save the date for February 17th. TOBPS will be honored for our work towards a culture of LIFE at this formal event! Stay tuned for more details. It's sure to sell-out.

Can you shop a little and give a little this weekend? A gift of TOB Monthly and/or a tax-deductible gift here to TOBPS would be much appreciated by all. Use code CHRISTMAS25 for 25% off your entire order this month.

Anyone wanting to spread the word about TOBPS? Here is a copy/paste version you can snag to share with others, church bulletins, school newsletters, add it to your Christmas card this year ...

The Theology of the Body Parent School (TOBPS) was founded in 2020 by Catholic parents who were deeply concerned with the culture. In three short years, TOBPS has created a mini-magazine for 5 age groups (which earned the Imprimatur of Archbishop Sample of Portland) and established coast-to-coast TOB Communities. Our communities have grown in 10 cities across the nation and our publication TOB Monthly has been purchased in 44 states and 6 countries. We are currently working on Cycle B of our content, creating digital versions of Cycles A and B, and creating an add-on supplemental issue of ‘The Talk.’ Ways you can connect with TOBPS: 1. BUY TOB Monthly Cycle A for your child, parish or school, 2. DONATE to help fund the creation of TOB Monthly Cycle B, 3. START OR JOIN a TOB Community in your area. ALL info and links are on our website Please use code WELCOME20 for 20% off your first purchase!

Praying for a blessed Advent for you and yours.

For Love of God, Body + Soul,

Lindsay + TOB Parent School

TOBPS Annual Report
Download PDF • 12.45MB

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