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Giving + Receiving

Shop TOB Monthly for Christmas gifts and get 25% off your entire order with code CHRISTMAS25. These magazines are absolutely the perfect gift for every young person in your life.

There are two times before the end of this year that I am going to ask to be considered in your annual giving plan. The day after Thanksgiving (in sync with Giving Tuesday) and the day after Christmas (in sync with end-of-tax-year giving).

(You can always give here anytime.)

My goal was to raise $75,000 between the soiree and year-end and I am about 30% there. For the longest time I felt uncomfortable asking for money. I owe my mentor Tracy at Mission Increase a huge thank you for helping me get past that hurdle. One particular concept has helped me a ton. It's this:

Some of us have the capacity to give, others of us need the fruits of that gift, and together we create the fullness of God's plan, but only together can we do this. Whether we are asking or receiving we are brought together by God who is about to do something new through our collaboration.

My wish list for TOBPS is so exciting I had to move it off my desktop so that I would not get overly distracted by it. First and foremost I want/need to create Cycle B of all age groups - that's 40 publications ... 320 pages ... and each page takes hours. I would like to do a special add-on issue of 'The Talk' for each age group. We still need approval for the Imprimatur on our Spanish translations of Cycle A. I want to make a digital downloadable option for the magazines. I would love to explore grants available to us and develop our formal marketing plan. And there's more. Each of these projects takes a tremendous amount of work, which I do mostly solo at this point, while raising 3 boys under age 10. Trust me, I love the work that I do, but it's fairly slow-going being only one volunteer with a minimal budget.

With funding, I can pay staff to help with many of these tasks! With funding, we can spread the truth faster and wider. I appreciate that I am one of many asking for support right now. And I appreciate you for reading this message. If you would like you can donate here today, or wait until November 24th or December 26th.

For Love of God, Body + Soul,

Lindsay + TOB Parent School

p.s. Portland, OR (aka home) got a new Superintendent of Catholic Schools and a new Chief of Police this week, both of whom come highly recommended from people I respect greatly ... could this be a new beginning for us? Stay tuned.

Thank you to our 2023 Soiree Sponsors:

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