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July 2020 Newsletter

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Welcome to the Humanity 101 Monthly Newsletter, where we provide quick updates to our supporters.

1. We have 15 PARENT-TEACHERS equipped with curriculum from Ruah Woods and ready to teach their kiddos TOB this Fall.

2. We have been the recipient of two very generous anonymous donations, which covered the cost of our website, domain, and logo, and also let us start the TOB PARENT SCHOOL LIBRARY! The library will be ready to launch this Fall or Winter, and contains over 100 borrowable TOB titles for kids and adults. Thank you, donors!

3. We will have a Launch Party for the Library by circulating a MOBILE LIBRARY around Portland in the Fall. We will make 6 stops in and around Portland, offering book rentals, and a free latte bar (imagine ... 'Catholic Moms Armed With TOB Books and Good Espresso Take Over Local Ice Cream Truck') ... Stay tuned for details. And contact us here if you are interested in the Mobile TOB Library making a stop in your zip code.

4. We are starting a quarterly BOOK CLUB. Our first book will be Leah Darrow's The Other Side of Beauty. Click here to learn more about Book Club.

5. We are posting new lessons from parent-teachers across the Archdiocese of Portland on the website, and Instagram weekly. We are currently utilizing our Pinterest site to re-pin resources from others that can enhance our own TOB lessons at home. Signing up for both INSTAGRAM & PINTEREST would be beneficial because they will provide different sources of inspiration. Both can be found @tobparentschool, or by following the links at the bottom of this website.

We are abundantly blessed and grateful to continuously find ourselves being molded by the great teachings of Theology of the Body. Saint John Paul II, pray for us!

For Love of God, Body, and Soul,

Lindsay & Lynda

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