Just 3 Questions ... mini interview with 'The Team'

Each month we will feature the answers to 3 questions from a member of the Leadership Team / Board.

October's mini interview is with Executive Director Lindsay Caron.


The Other Side of Beauty by former model / Catholic revert Leah Darrow. My goal in this busy life stage with little kids is to read one Catholic book per season. I’m reading this one with our Books & Bubbly group.

Man and Woman He Created Them: A Theology of the Body by JP2. This one is big but we read just a few pages a week in our Wednesdays with a Pope group.

Daily news email from Catholic site The Loop, and some prayer reflections from Dynamic Catholic and Blessed Is She.

The Body Matters series by TOBET – I read these books about bodies to my little guys. They are really absorbing the messages at ages 4 and 6. Why? Their bodies are very tangible to them right now. These can be borrowed from our Library.

The occasional Pinterest site about decluttering and simplifying… A girl can dream right!?


The Porn Myth by Matt Fradd on audible. This is a future Books & Bubbly book. This is a HUGE, wide and deep problem in the culture; it even fuels abortion, sex-trafficking and more. I listen when I walk the dog and clean the house.

Parenting Smarts, Ask Father Josh, and Focus on the Family Parenting podcasts. I am relatively new to podcasts. Please MESSAGE ME if you have suggestions!

Matt Maher and Audrey Assad (and lots of 8O’s playlists) on alexa in the kitchen.


Here’s my short version: I suffered TERRIBLY at the hands of the culture in my 20s. I want better for my children, and all children. Join any of our groups and I can share my story with you a little more. My goal is to help every parent set their child up with the right armor to combat the temptations they’ll face in young adulthood. It HAS to go beyond the sex, alcohol, and drugs ‘talk’ of yesterday. We’re here to help you have those conversations with your kids at every age.