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TOB MONTHLY LITTLES will be released next month! Stay tuned. These precious little magazines are perfect to start teaching TOB concepts to your 2-5 year old. (Spanish, Middles, Teens coming soon aka summer/fall).

In the past few months we have been interviewed 3x. Listen below:

Lindsay + Lynda discuss the origins of TOB Parent School and the creative process of TOB Monthly on this Catholic Leadership podcast by Ron Huntley (45 min)

Lindsay + Lynda chat with Jack Rigert at the JPII Renewal Center about how TOB Monthly mini magazine combats the lies of the culture (56 min)

Lindsay is interviewed by Brenda Aiken on Mater Dei Radio (Portland Catholic radio) morning show (18 min)

JP2, Pray for us!

For Love of God, Body, and Soul,

TOB Parent School

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