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March 2021 Newsletter

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Today we turn ONE! March 5, 2020, an email exchange between like-minded souls in Portland, OR and Cincinnati, OH started it all. Hearts burned, brains churned, and mama bears set to work on what has come to be a joyous and successful journey thus far.

We plan to celebrate our first birthday in June, when COVID is a few steps further away, and warm sunshine is a few steps closer.

Please save the date for our ...

First Annual TOBPS Summer Soiree

Saturday, June 26th (time TBD)

Lake Oswego, OR (location TBD)

We will celebrate:

- Archbishop Sample's initial enthusiasm of our efforts

- 100+ local contributors to TOBPS

- 20+ local youth learning TOB

- 3 book club books read

- 8 article club articles read

- 12 weeks of studying JPII's Man & Woman: He Created Them

- 1 Marian canvas painting event

- 50+ leadership meetings

- 32 issues of TOB MONTHLY underway

- a growing team of contributing experts including MDs, PAs, LPCs

- 100+ books contributed to our library

In the meantime I would love to share this text message with you. It comes from a new neighbor, who after hearing about TOBPS only once, reached out to learn more for a friend who was struggling to find a way to talk to her daughters about the culture. Neither my neighbor or her friend are Catholic. The text reads:

"Thanks for sending the site and outlining the standards. Wow ... the site is beautiful, and I love the logo and graphics. This is really incredible because you're taking ideas from Scripture that can often be abstract and almost "too big" for most parents to tackle, and transmitting them into accessible / practical ideas that parents can use. Who else can teach these ideas better than the parent? Having these lessons at your fingertips helps you set the intention / carve out the space and time for it. Then you have the tools to start a dialogue with your children from the very start about these issues. Amazing! And yes, to many, this would be counter-cultural. Which is why it's all the more important to get this out there as a resource. Parents need to instill these beliefs in real time and help their children have the courage to face the culture we live in today".

- Helen,

Former volunteer at Homeboy Industries, LA

For Love of God, Body, and Soul,

Your Leadership Team

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