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New Year, New Plans

Happy 2022! Behold, our new plans for the new year:

EXPAND TO ALL 50 STATES: Do you know anyone in one of the unmarked states below? Would you be willing to send them the link to TOB Monthly or gift them a set? We want to see TOB Monthly in every state this year.

HIT THE ROAD: Do you have a favorite Catholic conference in your area? We would love to be a vendor at conferences this year. Let us know where we should venture. "Have good news, will travel!"

GROW OUR COMMUNITIES: Want to start a TOB Community (essentially a book club) with a few friends? Let us know and we'll send you freebies to get going. Our hostesses in Portland, Boise + Grand Rapids are grateful to have begun this journey and you will be too!

FINALLY, do you have any experience in fundraising or marketing? These are areas we need to expand in order to reach our full potential. And we believe that our full potential has the ability to transform the world. Ping us if you would be willing to instruct us in one of these areas.

Praying for a blessed new year for you + yours. St. JPII, pray for us.


TOB Parent School

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