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New Year News

Happy New Year! Portland Januaries are wet and gloomy. They oddly fill me with hope because I spend the month hibernating as much as possible (little boy snuggles galore) and dreaming of spring warmth on my skin. (That was my positive way of saying I hate winter - ha!)

Some news from us ...

Our MIDDLES, TEENS, and CAMPUS are 99.9999999% ready. They are in line at the print shop. I was really hopeful that my January update would be able to announce that they are widely available for purchase... but we're not quite there. In an exchange for a lesser printing rate (thank you generous printer-man Rick), I accepted a lesser level of importance in the print line. I will send another update as soon as they are ready. I am hoping it's a matter of days. Since they are already listed on our website for sale, a few of you have purchased them ... and so I thank you for your patience as shipping will take a tad longer than quoted. Please note that you can purchase them today, but again ... they might take a tad longer to ship than quoted as we wait for them to come out of the print house.

Our MIDDLES, TEENS, and CAMPUS SPANISH are ready too - but we need to raise $10k minimum to fund the initial print run for those. Please prayerfully consider a donation and/or a novena to Our Lady of Guadalupe. Please send this message to any donors in the Hispanic communities who might be able to help. You can donate here online, or contact us at to send a check instead.

Our Archdiocese of Portland, OR released A Catholic Response to Gender Identity Theory yesterday. You can read it here. I highly recommend the quick read. It is TOB inspired from start to finish. Also feel free to share it with local leaders if your Arch/diocese does not yet have a formal statement on the topic (and even if they do!)

If you are local to Portland metro area ... read on ... Jennifer Fulwiler is visiting a comedy club here in Portland on March 5th. Join me for an evening of Catholic humor! You can buy tickets here.

So what is the status of TOBPS? A few highlights --

- we are almost 3 years old

- we've made sales of Littles and Kids in 41 states with zero marketing -- all word of mouth! Come on, Wyoming!

- we have about 6 TOB Community hostesses and 4 TOB Ambassadors nationwide (contact us to learn more - all are welcome to explore these roles)

- we've had an influx of interest from the Midwest including 3 new leadership team members from Michigan and Indiana - welcome Melissa, Megan, and Maria!!!

- we are branching out in 3 ways this year: 1. marketing, 2. fundraising, 3. Cycle B content planning.

- my 2022 word was TRUST. my 2023 word is SURRENDER. Come Holy Spirit!

- we are still entirely volunteer-run... dozens of committed mamas have poured thousands of hours into this cause. Please pray for them all.

Saint JPII Pray For Us,

Lindsay + your TOBPS Leadership Team

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