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"Not my money, but God's"

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

Happy Almost New Year! TOB Monthly MIDDLES, TEENS, and CAMPUS as well as ALL Spanish translations are DONE! They are ready to go to the print house. But first I need to do 'the thing' (beg for money). Trust me, I like it about as much as you. But we cannot print or distribute any of these magazines unless we raise exactly $7,850.00, and raise it fast.

The reason for my 'cut to the chase message' is because it's year-end and many of you may like to make your gift before 2022 ends. Others of you will prefer to make your gift when 2023 begins.

My very wise and very humble mentor has always said, "it's not my money, but God's ... I am simply a steward of God's money." I ask you to dig deep and consider how you can steward God's money towards this extremely important cause.

The reason we haven't asked for funds in our first three years is because we were literally buried under computers creating content with every spare moment to get this life-saving news out there YESTERDAY! Now the time has come, and we really cannot wait any longer.

You can donate one of two ways: online here, or by emailing us to get mailing instructions for sending a check. We are a registered 501(c)(3) and will send you a tax letter promptly.

We THANK YOU and praise God for the gift of TOB Monthly, and the community of supporters who have been cheering us on along the early stages of our work.

Saint JPII, pray for us,

Lindsay + TOBPS Leadership Team

p.s. for your reading pleasure here are links to two recently published articles by my TOB colleagues, Maria and Jack. Enjoy!

Beautiful Scars

Stolen Innocence

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