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November 2020 Newsletter

Welcome to the Humanity 101 Monthly Newsletter, where we provide quick updates to our supporters. In this month’s newsletter: our Amazon wishlist of books, start talking to your toddlers NOW about their bodies and yours, Archbishop Sample's words of support, and our lesson of the month: 1st graders learn that seasons bring new life, and seeds are ordered toward particular ends.

1. We signed our Articles of Incorporation! We are on the way to 501(c)(3) status early next year.

2. Would you consider gifting us ONE item from our Amazon Wishlist? We have books & DVDS listed that would help fill our LIBRARY! Here’s the LINK, Amazon has my address so the item will be sent directly to me, much like a wedding or baby gift registry. A great big MERRY THANK YOU for remembering us at Christmastime!

3. In DECEMBER we ask you to focus on sharing the JOY of the TOB Parent School with all those you meet. While gatherings will be significantly limited this year due to COVID, we’ll still likely connect with more people in the month of December than in most other months. We ask that you utilize the opportunity of personal connections to share the GOOD NEWS of your involvement with TOB as a catalyst for change and healing in our culture.

4. One of our members also serves on the Pastoral Council for Archbishop Sample, and she was able to present TOBPS to him a few weeks ago. He was enthusiastically encouraged and hopeful for our growth.

5. Our Books & Bubbly group has really taken off, with 20 people reading our first book, The Other Side of Beauty, and several discussing it via Zoom last night. Winter meetings will be a mix of Zoom and open-air garage meetings with cozy blankets and hot tea and coffee. Click here if you would like to join us in reading our winter book, Subverted: How I Helped the Sexual Revolution Hijack the Women’s Movement.

6. A friend (and mother of an 18 month old) recently asked me, ‘when do I start talking to my daughter about this stuff?’. My response: now. Start using appropriate language about the body NOW when teaching words. Be ready to answer questions about the functions of your body NOW when her inquisitive little mind bursts open with questions. Utilize the time of innocence, before you separate yourselves from one another for the sake of privacy, to explain what’s happening with your body when you go to the bathroom, utilize a feminine product, or take a shower. If you don’t, society will at its first frenzied opportunity. We have some disturbing statistics about this to share later. My 3-year-old son wowed a visitor recently when he answered that a woman has a period every month to shed old blood that was in place to help protect a new baby. Mom, dad and God did not create a baby this month though, and so the protective housing is not needed. But “the same thing happens next month”… 2-3 years old is EXACLTY when to start teaching about the beauty and purpose of the body! If you do, the lessons thereafter will fall into place.

7. Finally, our lesson of the month! FIRST GRADE: SEEDS ARE ORDERED TOWARD PARTICULAR ENDS & SEASONS BRING NEW LIFE, from A Seed Is Sleepy. Here is an excerpt: “We discussed how God has ordered the seasons and nature in a beautiful way to always bring new life. Each thing He created has a purpose and we can see that each seed can only grow into what God created it to be. A bean can't grow into an apple tree or a corn kernel become a tomato plant. We also talked about how the seed doesn't grow until the right time and until then it is protected by its pod or shell.” You can find this and many other lessons on the website.

We are abundantly blessed and grateful to continuously find ourselves being molded by the great teachings of Theology of the Body. Saint John Paul II, pray for us! And, have a BLESSED THANKSGIVING.

For Love of God, Body, and Soul,

Your Leadership Team

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