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October 2020 Newsletter

Welcome to the Humanity 101 Monthly Newsletter, where we provide quick updates to our supporters. In this month’s newsletter: sharing our work with others, items and expertise you can donate, our first featured lesson of the month: a 1st grader learns the joy of ‘work as a gift’ when moving firewood.

1. We will begin featuring a LESSON OF THE MONTH in our newsletter. Hard to choose, but important to share! Link to lesson is at end of newsletter.

2. We have created some beautiful DOCUMENTS that summarize our work, including a colorful picture storyboard (a picture is worth a thousand words, and our storyboard has 6 pictures…. that’s a lot of ‘words’ of inspiration!). Let us know if you would be willing to keep folders in your home/car to share with others.

3. We want to remind you that the main way to inspire others to join our journey is via 1:1 CONVERSATIONS. The next time a concerning societal issue arises around human dignity or sexuality, ask your friend, ‘have you heard of the TOB Parent School yet? It’s ok if you don’t have all the answers about what we do – just point them to our website.

4. Could you donate 10 hours to help us get started with our FUNDRAISING or SOCIAL MEDIA efforts?

5. Are you going to clean out closets now that the weather is turning? While we cannot offer tax deductions for financial contributions just yet, we would LOVE the following items if you have them to DONATE:

- Adult and kids books on topics of human dignity, sexuality, and anatomy

- Toy birds, nests, eggs

- Mini pots, seed packs

- Wholesome adult and kid DVDs

- A large outdoor movie screen / projector set

- Quality champagne and wine

- Art supplies: canvases, acrylic paints, paintbrushes, mini collapsible easels

- Large coffee carafes

- Color printing of our folder documents

6. We are also expanding our TALENT POOL to begin planning for post-Covid workshops, events, and retreats! If you would like to volunteer your expertise in one of these areas, please contact us!

- nutritionist

- fitness instructor

- other wellness professional

- therapist (pediatric, marriage & family … )

- nurse or doctor (pediatric, OBGYN … )

7. Our LESSON OF THE MONTH is from a St. Joseph, Salem family. Here is the LINK to the full lesson. And here is a quick summary:

The first grade curriculum explores the theme of giving our work as a gift. TOB in general is focused around how humans are a gift to others, and should receive others as a gift. This surely encompasses sexuality, but also addresses all aspects of humanity. In first grade, the students learn that when they use their bodies to work hard and offer that work as a gift to God and society, they can receive abundant grace in the satisfaction of offering their work as a gift.

Here a 1st grader learns to move stacks of firewood joyfully and offer his body’s work as a gift; to God, to his family, and for the good of society.

We are abundantly blessed and grateful to continuously find ourselves being molded by the great teachings of Theology of the Body. Saint John Paul II, pray for us!

For Love of God, Body, and Soul,

Your Leadership Team

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