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Save The Date

Updated: Apr 20

Are you local? If not, do you like to travel? Please save the date for our 3rd annual TOBPS soiree, and the first that is open to the public. We are thrilled to be able to host more TOB champions this year!

When we created our founding documents in 2020 we decided that 'having fun' should be one of our core values. Why? If we don't have fun, the battle we are immersed in becomes too daunting. (Read on to learn our other 6 core values, and our full vision, at the bottom of this message). One of the ways we have fun is to gather together annually.

This year we will have a catered dinner by WAYWARD CATERING and fine Northwest, Tuscan and Rhone wines by LADY HILL WINERY. Our fun theme is forthcoming (pervious years were luau and coastal), and we are finalizing details on keynote speakers and musicians that you will not want to miss.

Set in the lush countryside of St. Paul, Oregon (just south of Portland) you can relax into a lovely autumn evening at Lady Hill Winery. A family-friendly location, Lady Hill hosts plenty of outdoor space to run around if you want to bring kids, and a sophisticated atmosphere if you prefer to make it a date night or solo outing.

We are hoping you will do a few things with this notice:

  1. save the date!

  2. plan to attend

  3. send to like-minded friends who may want to attend



1. We enjoy the journey of bringing the knowledge and hope of Saint John Paul II’s Theology of the Body to others

2. We speak the truth with love and courage

3. We listen and respond to the challenges and realities of the modern Catholic parent

4. We are positive and solution-oriented

5. We strive for a depth and breadth of knowledge on the dignity of the human person

6. We are guided by Catholic virtue and teachings, and trusting of the Holy Spirit

7. We have fun!


Educating and empowering Catholic parents on the purpose and gift of personhood


The modern Catholic parent


To get this into the hands of the parents


Fun. Faithful. Formative.


1. We provide user-friendly learning materials AND the value of local community support

2. We reveal the seamlessness between Catholic values and sexuality

3. We instill confidence and clarity when talking to our kids about personhood

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