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Soiree Photos + Embodied Drive

Our soiree was amazing. The venue was buzzing with hopeful energy! Great food, wine, people, music, speeches and scenery. We are so blessed and looking forward to celebrating again at the same venue next September.

As we gear up for Christmas, I want to plant the seed that TOB Monthly is a great gift for any youth in your life. You can have the magazines shipped directly to you, or directly to your favorite young person.

I especially want to point your attention to my friend Ann's magazine for adults called Embodied. We are often so focused on how to reach the youth, we sometimes forget to take time to nurture our own souls in this journey. Embodied is JUST that gift for you, or a favorite friend or family member this Christmas (or any time). During the month of October Ann is having a magazine drive and all past and current content of Embodied is open to explore. You will love it! It's truly balm for the soul.

For Love of God, Body + Soul,

Lindsay + TOB Parent School

p.s. Know anyone in Alaska, Delaware, Nevada, Rhode Island, Utah, West Virginia, Wyoming, Maine or Washington D.C.? Let them know about TOB Monthly!

Thank you to our 2023 Soiree Sponsors! Avandia Foundation, Integris Background Screening, Columbia Boys School, and Tending the Vineyard!

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