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TOBPS is hiring!

Next month TOBPS will be featured at the first Archdiocese of Portland Life Gala - in between Abby Johnson and the Sisters of Life - as a local pro-life ministry. Wow! Hard to believe. We are not yet 4 years old. It's amazing what God can do when He's ready to move and shake. I look forward to sharing some photos from the event.

What else is new? I am working on a new website and new store with the help of Catholics For Hire. The store will have all the same magazines it currently has, plus digital downloadable versions of the magazines, and some other items, like a journal, coloring book, matching game and "Unrepeatable YOU" vinyl sticker. "Coming Soon" .... Spanish and Cycle B.

Cycle B of Teens is half drafted! I will be working on Teens, Campus, and Littles this winter and am going to be hiring someone to help me with Middles and Kids this spring. Please read the description below thoroughly and if you or someone you know might be interested or qualified, please contact me!

For Love of God, Body + Soul,

Lindsay + TOB Parent School

TOBPS is looking to hire someone to help curate and create content for TOB Monthly Cycle B for MIDDLES and KIDS (see photos for samples of the kind of work this will be!)

Part-time, short-term, starts 3/1/24, ends when work is done (depends on how much you choose to work per week - could be a few weeks or a few months), work must be complete by 6/1/24.

$150/issue (x 16 issues) = $2,400 stipend (paid at end of project) 

(Each issue tends to take me about 10 hours but really can fall anywhere between 5-15 hours depending on how you work) 

Proficient in Canva

Extremely detail oriented 

Knowledgeable in CCC and TOB 

Experience with age groups 5-9 and 10-13 (can be as an employee, volunteer, parent), have an innate knowledge of what ‘speaks to them’ stylistically and linguistically

Willing to follow direction and style of TOBPS director

Able to communicate a few times per week on email and respond to questions within 24 hours 

Please reply to with the answers to the following questions in the body of the email. Please list your full name in the subject of the email.


Where are you located: 

Education (Place/Year/Degree): 

Experience with Canva: 

Experience with CCC and TOB: 

Experience with ages 5-13: 

Able to communicate on email a few times per week and respond to questions within 24 hours? 

Able to complete the work between 3/1/24 and 6/1/24?

If work on first issue is not done satisfactorily, you will be paid $100 and asked to not continue on subsequent issues. Are you ok with this plan? 

Are you in good standing with the Catholic Church and the law?

Why do you desire to work on this project? 

Is there anything else you want me to know? 

Do you have any questions for me? 

If you wish, you may attach a resume PDF and/or a portfolio sample PDF. 

I will get back to you within 1 week. Due to my time and life restraints, if you do not follow the above directions exactly I likely won’t be able to get back to you. Thank you for understanding!



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