TOB Monthly Kids teaches children about personhood and sexuality from a Catholic perspective through the lense of Saint John Paul II's Theology of the Body

TOB Monthly Kids

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    1. With your subsciption you will receive 8 issues of TOB Monthly Kids. Each is colorful and engaging. Each is interactive between parent + child, and between child + material.
    2. Each issue includes an introduction, 5 activities, 1 Scripture quote, 1 saint quote, 1 TOB quote, 1 anatomy fact, 1 psychology fact, 1 craft extension, 1 service extension, 1 glossary of terms, 1 ‘want to learn more?’ section
    3. The issues detail these 8 Christian anthropology standards: 1. All God’s creation is a gift 2. People are ordered differently from + above animals 3. Males + females both have full dignity, with different bodies 4. Our body + soul are unified; the body reveals the person 5. Our human nature is good, and can be fallen, redemptive + heavenly 6. We need to see the true person (self and others) as a revered gift 7. Freely offering yourself in service makes a sincere and mutual gift-of-self  8. We are all called to live love in marriage or celibacy
    4. The issues use the language of the Theology of the Body: life in the womb, natural death, identity in God, complementarity, inherent goodness, civil + natural law, truth, beauty, community, spirit of poverty, meaning in suffering ... to address these common cultural concerns: abortion, euthanasia, gender ideology, homosexuality, critical race theory, immigration, tolerance, utilitarianism, narcisism, materialism, hedonism